ARinfuse attends Impact+ exercise for adult education and vocational training in Budapest.

Supported by the National Agency of Cyprus, ARinfuse project’s coordinator, GeoImaging attended the Impact+ exercise for adult education and vocational education organized on the 27-28 February 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The seminar aimed to contribute to the evidence-based analysis of project results by equipping participants with the skills to plan and implement impact assessment activities. The overall objective was to improve the quality of the evidence base for Erasmus+.


The seminar included a number of practical group exercises designed to familiarize participants with the    stages of the Impact+ Exercise and identifying and targeting relevant stakeholders.

The main objectives of the seminar were:

  • To help beneficiaries understand the concept of impact assessment.
  • To train beneficiaries so that they are able to: identify their project impact and outcomes; develop suitable indicators, and: identify suitable data sources.
  • To help beneficiaries use impact evidence in their dissemination by identifying relevant audiences, stakeholders and communication mechanisms.

ARinfuse was represented by Mr Konstantinos Smagas of GeoImaging Ltd, who worked together with more than 30 other participants and facilitators from different ERMASMUS+ projects to develop suitable indicators, and define critical impact priorities for specific project cases. At the networking session that followed Mr Smagas, presented the project to the other participants and raised interest on its objectives and especially on the training material to be generated.