ARinfuse ERASMUS+ project completed successfully. Training material remains available to all.

The ARinfuse ERASMUS+ project has reached the end of a challenging but exciting journey.Thank you for teaming with us!

During the last 27 months the project partners devised a comprehensive and easy to follow training program for students, managers and technicians focusing on the use of augmented reality & geospatial technologies within the utilities sector. The material has been designed to respond to real life scenarios when it comes to managing underground assets with the use of location-based services and augmented reality (AR). Providing a set of lectures, interactive presentations, customised AR software and training data, the modules cover the learning needs of a wide range of business process and job descriptions. The user either being an engineer making plans at the office, a technician operating excavation machinery or an engineering student wanting to design apps can enroll for free at the ARinfuse training modules and start a customised individual training.


Important to know is that in order to develop, test and promote the material the ARinfuse partners organised a series of 7 training and promotion events in all partner countries attracting more than 200 participants. Of course, due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions a big part of the learning process had to be launched online. All of the participants received unrestricted and unlimited access to the project lectures, software and training material with the option to receive guidance upon request by the ARinfuse project international trainers.

If you are interested in receiving our training and running our modules send us an email at info[at] and we will grant you individual access to our material.

More about the project:

You may view the recorded ARinfuse online event and training seminar through our YouTube channel

FAQ about ARinfuse

What is ARinfuse?

ARinfuse is an Erasmus+ project that aims to infuse skills in Augmented Reality for geospatial information management in the context of utility underground infrastructures, such as water, sewage, electricity, gas and fiber optics.

Why do I need the ARinfuse material?

In this field, there is a real need for an accurate positioning of the underground utilities, to avoid damages to the existing infrastructures. Information communication technologies (ICT), in fusion with global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), GIS and geodatabases and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) are able to offer the possibility to convert the geospatial information of the underground utilities into a powerful tool for field workers, engineers and managers.

Who is it for?

ARinfuse is mainly addressed to technical professional profiles (future and current) in the utility sector that use, or are planning to use AR technology into practical applications of ordinary management and maintenance of utility networks.